🎒Pre-filled backpacks

EpicBackpacks allows you to create backpacks with predefined contents, this is very useful for crates, prizes and kits.

How to create a backpack with predefined contents

It's very easy! In this example we start from a backpack which is already created in backpacks.yml, for example blue

  1. use the command /ebpget blue to get the empty backpack

  2. open it and put some items inside

  3. close it

  4. use the command /ebpsave blue_prize

  5. now you get get it using /ebpget blue_prize and also still being able to get the other empty backpack using /ebpget blue

You can create as many as pre-filled backpacks you want! You can even rename them, just open the backpacks.yml file and search for the new backpack you created, then rename it or change some properties and use the command /ebpreload.

Warning: recipes

When you save a backpack the original recipe is not copied to avoid bad behaviour. You have to open backpacks.yml and edit the recipe for the new backpack you created.

Warning: avoiding errors

Please avoid editing the contents manually in backpacks.yml. Instead you have to use the command /ebpget, open the backpack, edit the contents, use the command /ebpsave to overwrite contents.

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