/ebp it opens your personal backpack permission: ebp.user.ebp

Size permissions:

ebp.user.size.9 ebp.user.size.18 ebp.user.size.27 ebp.user.size.36 ebp.user.size.45 ebp.user.size.54

Put items in backpack permission: ebp.user.ebp.put Take items from backpack permission: ebp.user.ebp.take

/ebp it opens a user personal backpack: ebp.user.ebp.others /ebpc it opens a menu with crafting help /ebpget gives you the specified backpack: ebp.admin.ebpget /ebpgive gives to a player the specified backpack: ebp.admin.ebpgive /ebpauto enable or disable autopickup feature​: ebp.user.autopickup

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